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Subject: (no subject)The Geisha Boy Part II
Indigo IndianThis is purely a work of fiction. I have never been to the
far East and barely legal cp porn so any mistakes in names, locations or in
culture are of my own making.It is the turn of the 20th Century in Japan and Ling, a boy
of Chinese ethnicity, cp baby tgp
had lived his life in a tiny coastal
village called Tokushima. His father was a fisherman, as was
his Father's father and so on into their past. How they came
to be in Japan, nobody could tell him. Ling was sold into
prostitution in the autumn of his 12th year. In the same
year that England's Queen Victoria finally joined her
beloved Albert.____________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________Ling awoke to find himself being raised up cp company kidssex from his bed. His
father was lifting him; saying to him, "You must go, we have
too many to feed! Now it is your duty to find your own way
in the world. Be a man now. Go with this fellow. He'll look
after you but you must also look after yourself."That was the sum of his family's farewells. Ling didn't see
his mother or other siblings. He was carried out, still
within the cobwebs of sleep. As he was placed into the back
of a cart, the softness of the straw lulled him and pulled
him again into sleep.Afterwards he wondered if it had been but a dream. But then
he cp girl sex pics pushed aside the fogginess within his head and found he
was within the cart still. The dawn was still some way off
but the jolting on the rutted road had bounced sleep right
out of his head.He sat up and looked around. He was sure he had never been
here, so far from home. There was a distinct 'unfamiliarity'
about the landscape. Atop the straw he was covered with a
loose and flapping piece of material but otherwise, wore
only his undercloth; a simple winding sheet wrapped around
and between his withers. There were two men in the cart. One
looked like a simple drover or driver; the other had an air
of authority about him.Ling asked, "Where are you taking me?"The response came from the 'Authority Man': "I'm taking you
to russian elite porn cp my place of business; you will work for me there". His
voice was warm and its warmth reassured the boy."Will I fish for you?" Said Ling. Fishing was all he knew.
Of other skills he sexe cp boy could only imagine.The man laughed out load at the thought of it and replied,
"In a way, yes! You will be the finest catch my business has
had for years." Then the man told Ling to 'hush' and to
'sleep'.Ling settled back into the straw and despite trying to think
his situation through, sleep crept up on him and snagged him
on her hook.It was much later when he again awoke. This time the cart
had stopped and the sky was light enough to see the horizon.
He was desperate to piss and his cock was hard and hurting
with the urgency of it. He stood, shedding the loose drape
and pulled his erection out of the side of his undercloth.He pissed with gratitude. Arcing his stream high into the
air behind the cart. cp porn magazine His erection cocked at a 45 degree
angle. The man was beside him and Ling was embarrassed to be
erect and seen in public. The man recognised his concern and
told him, "Don't worry about that, we all get them;
especially when the morning piss calls us. Have you learned
how to use your erection for pleasure yet?"Ling hadn't the faintest idea what the man meant. He was old
enough cp nude pictures tgp
and had lived enough of a peasant life to have seen
oxen, dogs and pigs all use their erections but didn't know
there was pleasure also.
He tucked himself away hard still and with some difficulty
after a brief shaking. The man seemed disappointed. "Ok. He
said. Lets get moving."The hours passed and Ling was given sexgirl picpost japan
an apple and an orange
to eat and a skin of water to gulp down. As dusk fell, they
entered a large town. It seemed to take an age to get to the
man's business premises; an age during which Ling's eyes
were agog at the sights and the sizes of the houses and
buildings. His mouth hung open in wonderment.He sex cp preeten jumped stiffly from the cart as his new 'Master' bade
him. Standing close, the Master issued a 'phew!' free cp movies
you've been
around a lot of fish, I can tell."Ling didn't react. For him the smell was natural. It was the
smell of his family's way of life.The master pulled a chord outside the gate. Within a distant
bell sounded. Suddenly, the gate flew open and a number of
boys of varying ages were milling around and all talking at
once."This is Ling." Said his new Master, "Be kind to him. You
too were once novices here! Chikaro, Dan, take him to the
tub room and make him bathe in the hottest water he can
stand, then rub him down with herbs."Ling was led away, told to strip and then entered the tub,
together with the two other boys. The water was burning hot
and Ling felt his skin reddening all across his body. The
boys rubbed him first all over with their hands. Chikaro,
the oldest, even manhandled Ling's jewels and wrapped a non-
too-gentle hand around Ling's cock for a moment or two. Then
a pumice stone was used to rub him raw. Thirdly, some large
piece of sponge generated philips dcp750
an amount of suds with which they
washed his hair. Dan, a year or two younger than Ling, led
the new boy from the tub and told him to lie face down on a
rush mat. Grabbing big bunches of herbs; mostly mint, He and
Chikaro rubbed every inch of free cp sweet Ling's skin, even parting his
buttocks to cleanse that hidden rosebud. They were not rough
but cp gallery pre sex
the process left Ling's skin tingling. He could feel his
cock reacting to the physical pleasure of it all. Just then
Chikaro, without a word, flipped him over onto his back.While he was fast to react and to cover himself, Ling's
hands were not so fast that the other two boys did not see
his budding erection. Dan smiled and said, "good!'Dan moved and sat upon Ling's feet as Chikaro moved to
Ling's head, holding both of Ling's hands with just one of
his own. Ling felt naked to the world, his penis cocked up
and away forum cp pictures from his body; the head of it trying to peep out.
The two boys continued the rubbing of the herbs. Dan even
took Ling's cock into his small hands to rub away the
imagined scent of fish from there.At that point the Master anal cp pics entered the room. Ling wanted to
die, being caught with an erection by an adult two times in
one day was simply too much shame to bear.The Master, however, crouched down over Ling's middle, took
some herbs from Dan and cp porn boys
gently rotated them around Ling's
hard cock.'Ah,' thought Ling, squirming with the delight of it, 'this
is the pleasure of which the Master tiny pussy cp
spoke'. I understand now
how it is possible to derive such pleasure from my pissing
tool. But Ling didn't know; had only skimmed the very
surface of pleasure. This was a fact he quickly realised as,
still held by his hands above and with his feet trapped by
Dan's body, his vulnerability was further compromised by the
warm, wet mouth of the Master.Ling thought the sliding warmth and liquid friction was the
most amazing sensation that he had ever felt. He revelled in
the increasingly intense sensations coming off his cock. His
whole lower body felt as though it was about to burst. Then
the intensity increased immeasurably. He was going to piss;
in his new Master's mouth! "Oh Sir, Oh sir," he cried,
trying to give cp girls orgasm a warning but confused beyond comprehension;
beyond articulation, by the sensations. Then suddenly his
cock was throbbing of its own accord. He felt as though
something was shooting, pumping out of his body along the
piss tube, yet nothing came nubile cp out. The sense of release was
overwhelming and glorious. He could sense that much. Then
his world was dark collection cp a kaleidoscope of blurred emotions and
feelings. His whole lower torso was afire from the pleasures
rampaging in and around his genitals and his cock was
becoming overly sensitised too, yet still his foreskin had
not retracted. He cried out, "Please, no more!" but wanted
it to go on forever, never to stop. The Master stopped his
moving, yet continued to hold the boy within, gently
swirling his tongue slower and slower before bringing it to
a stop. Ling was enraptured within his mouth. He felt as
exuberantly fine as he had ever been able to feel in his
whole life. A smile stretched across his face.
Thus was his first experience of the pleasure a boy's cock
can bring.
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